all about me


graduation|name :: Ing. Mag.(FH) Alexander Domaschko

born :: 17/06/1981; Vienna

social status ::


social media accounts :: XING | Google +Facebook | Twitter | youTube | eBay | nikerun |

education :: certificates

-- 2005 - graduation in Project management and IT @ FH-Vie Vienna
-- 2001 - graduation in Biomedical Engineering @ TGM, Vienna



background :: experience

In 1995 I started my technical education at the TGM Austria with focus on Biomedical Engineering. After 6 years of very interesting and hard work I graduated in 2001 with a project about light measurement. In the same year I started at the University of the BFI Vienna with focus on Project management and IT. In the following years I was educated in successful project management, business economics and information technologies. The time was indeed no walk in the park but I finally graduated in 2005 as "Mag.(FH)" what is comparable with the international title of a "Master".

During my university time I was also working for Philips Austria CE in the Software testing department, first as test mate for the Philips Streamium family, and later as a junior product manager for the related UPnP software Philips Media Manager.

In 2005 the Philips Austria CE department in Vienna was closed and so a handful of Philips workers founded a new start up company called StreamUnlimited Engineering. After my graduation I started there with responsibilities in Marketing and Sales. StreamUnlimited is a software/ hardware design house with strong competences in audio and video with focus on connectivity and storage products.


In April 2007 I switched to Mobilkom Austria in the field of test and release management - a few weeks later this department was closed and I got my first marketing projects within Mobilkom. I took responsibilities for the introduction of the A1 Internet browser that made it possible to view any  HTTP website in optimized quality on your mobile phone - even older ones.


In the middle of November 2007 I started with a company called Sphinx IT Consulting, which is specialised in the development of individual SW development in the field of Java an Oracle. My responsibilities were IT project management and some business unit administration tasks as well as support of the marketing department.


2010 changed my career again. After a few interviews and presentations I started a one year traineeship in the field of IT project management FREQUENTIS Inc. and now we`ll see where my future way will lead me. Which new challenges and experiences will I conquer. 


During my past years with Frequentis I performed multiple projects in the business units of public safety as well as maritime projects (main areas: Germany, Poland and Australia).


sports :: amusement
-- mountain biking

-- running

-- amateur acting
-- hiking
-- music and movie assembling
-- fast cars & media entertainment (Apple Stuff)